Take the hassle out of managing your next hybrid meeting with these top 5 tools to make the process more efficient. 


This is a great software for scheduling meetings with groups of people. Instead of several email exchanges, you can ask participants to pick dates and time they’re available. An added bonus is that unlike many other software you can use this tool without creating an account. 


Calendly can be used to let others easily book your time, when you’re available. This removes the extra email exchanges and saves time finding a spot in your calendar each time.  

The software also has multiple integrations, which can prove a solution for corporations that handle a large number of employees and meetings. 


This is a great software for offices operating in a hybrid model. The software allows employees to book meeting rooms, desks and more, before arriving. It simplifies arranging and attending meetings for those who usually work from home. 


A great tool to handle scheduling of meeting rooms, presentation areas or other facilities. It saves your team time by automating previously time-consuming space management tasks. 


Eventbrite is useful if you want to advertise your meeting to a wider audience and make it public – perhaps to promote a service or engage in thought-leadership activity. The tool is used to create ‘pages’ and registration forms for your event, which can be then promoted on your website or social media. 

It has integrations which allow you to track how users came across your event and allows you to send communications directly to attendees.