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Would you bet against Jamie Dimon?

Would You Bet Against Jamie Dimon?

It’s hard to bet against Jamie Dimon. He made headlines when he told his people to come back to the office or find somewhere else to work. Then came the Delta variant. I just spent the last four days at an offsite with a group of CEOs, VCs, and attorneys. Nobody is betting against Mr ...
How to navigate the sublease market

How To Navigate The Sublease Market

In 2021 increased remote work has led to an increase in sublease space on the market. This has created tremendous leverage for tenants during negotiations and, for the foreseeable future, creates a very challenging dynamic for landlords. Sublease space has become increasingly more attractive for its pricing, the plug-and-play nature of the space and flexible lease ...
Montreal office market

Get to Know… Montreal Office Space

Our monthly “Get to Know…” posts provide the opportunity to learn more about our global, leading tenant representation member firms – what sets them apart as best-in-class in their markets, the expertise they offer their clients, and the value they provide during every stage of their clients’ journey to find the perfect space for their ...
Workplaces - Working From Home Workplace

Office Space vs. WFH? Prepare Your Office for Post-COVID

Many companies are wondering if and how their workplaces should be adapted to the new “working from home” (WFH) reality. After all: How many colleagues will return to the office when COVID-19 crisis is over or the 6-foot rule is lifted? What should the office offer above all? A quiet workplace, a meeting place or ...
commercial tenant rights

Are Tenants Entitled to Some Free Rent Courtesy of COVID?

When state governors across the country issued stay-at-home orders over the past several months, office tenants scrambled to find copies of their office leases to see if they were obligated to pay rent while being denied use of their space. In most cases, tenants found no contractual right to suspend rent payments even though the ...

Five Reasons Law Firms May Not Adopt Hoteling

Even before COVID-19 kicked us out of our offices and made us realize that we could work effectively from home, law firms had for years been shedding significant amounts of office space as they became more efficient and cut back or eliminated obsolete functions. The question now is, will the new work from home (WFH) ...

The Future Office: A Crystal Ball or Alarm Bell?

This article was written by our partners at Solved, Netherlands. It seems everyone these days is a “futurologist.” Soon, when we can go back to the office completely because a vaccine has been found, the “6-foot society” will be stripped of all coronavirus rules and stickers. The world will look different; what does that mean ...

The Reports of the Death of the Office Are Greatly Exaggerated

The relative success with which many companies have transitioned into virtual workplaces during this pandemic has many predicting the death of office space. This couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, without the critical time spent together in the office developing important personal relationships and unifying corporate cultures, many companies would not be able ...
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