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The Reports of the Death of the Office Are Greatly Exaggerated

The relative success with which many companies have transitioned into virtual workplaces during this pandemic has many predicting the death of office space. This couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, without the critical time spent together in the office developing important personal relationships and unifying corporate cultures, many companies would not be able ...

How Your Landlord Will Approach a Rent Relief Negotiation During the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing businesses to scramble and find ways to stay afloat until things return to “normal.” With limited ability to control their revenues, companies are turning their attention to the expense side of their ledger. Because real estate represents one of the largest line item expenses for many businesses, and these businesses ...

Don’t Overreact to COVID-19 When Your Employees Return to Work

Over the coming weeks, executives are going to be inundated with articles and white papers telling them that, to survive in the post COVID-19 business world, they are going to need to completely change their space, their furniture and their employee densities. Already we are being told by furniture vendors, designers and brokerage firms that ...

House [Office] of Cards Awaiting With Tenant Build-Out Projects

You signed your lease in January and your current lease expires in November. Plenty of time to design your space, pull permits and be into the new digs by mid-October with plenty of room to spare. Everything is going great until…COVID-19.  Everything shuts down. What happens now? If you think about commercial leasing or even ...

Exis Adds Best-in-Class Partner Firms in DC, Denver, Montreal & Calgary

Exis is excited to announce the addition of three new partners to add to our growing world presence: Benchmark Commercial (Denver), Landmark Advisory Services (Montréal and Calgary), and The Tenant Agency (Washington, D.C. – who replaced former partner The Ezra Company). Exis is a platform for best-in-class independent tenant representation firms that collaborate to provide ...

Strengthening our Services through Shared Best Practices & Market Insights

In October and November, over 60 Exis partner firm representatives gathered for Exis’s annual regional events: the North American Summit, held in Costa Mesa, CA in conjunction with the CoreNet Global North American Summit, and the European Summit, held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Partners, owners, and relevant staff from Exis’s 30 global partner firms participated to ...

Exis & CoreNet Benelux Panel Discussion & Reception

Join Exis European partners and CoreNet Benelux members as they discuss the results of the recent property manager survey put out by Amsterdam firm, Solved. Panel members will provide key insights from the survey and use that information to form an in-depth discussion and expert views on how to improve the service levels of property ...

Analyzing Landlord Net Effective Returns as a Lease Negotiation Tool

As a tenant advisor, one of the most important services we provide is to ensure our clients receive best-in-class representation in securing lease terms which exceed market conditions. Just getting a transaction done is simply not good enough; getting it done right throughout every phase of the process while eliminating surprises is what differentiates a ...
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