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Midtown Atlanta Booms…West Midtown is as Hot as it Gets

Atlanta is a flourishing city. To understand just how true this is, it is important to know that there are MANY different “sections” of Atlanta. The major ones are Buckhead, Downtown, and Midtown; however, there are multiple others, and there are also subsets within these major areas. For the purposes of this blog, we are ...
Happy team of millennial workers

The Millennial and Gen Z Workplace Shift

Ready or not, the workforce is becoming more millennial. As of 2016, millennials make up the largest percentage of employees in the United States. Within the next 5 years, they are expected to make up 75% of the total working population. In addition, millennials are more educated and diverse than previous generations.  They are bringing ...

Spain – the New Miami of Europe

This blog was written by our partners in Spain, The Tenant Solution (TTS). Looking for space in Spain? Contact them today. Here at The Tenant Solution (TTS), based in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain, we have identified several factors that indicate Spain is becoming the new “Miami” of Europe. Read on as we describe and analyze, ...

Top 5 Most Common Mistakes Tenants Make When Renewing Their Lease. 

Let’s face it, none of us knows everything there is to know about any subject matter – even the experts.  Life is a journey of learning. One of the beautiful things about life is that we don’t have to learn all of our lessons in the school of “hard knocks.” I love learning from other’s ...

Get to Know… Gallaway Commercial

Our monthly “Get to Know…” posts provide the opportunity to learn more about our global, leading tenant representation member firms – what sets them apart as best-in-class in their markets, the expertise they offer their clients, and the value they provide during every stage of their clients’ journey to find the perfect space for their ...

Developments and Office Trends in the Chicago Central Business District

Although uncertainties remain within Chicago’s Central Business District (CBD), Tenants, Landlords and investors have been able to remain optimistic. The new development pipeline is bringing 3.6 million square feet of space to the market in 2019 and fueling the continued demand for high-quality space. The division between quality assets and older assets has become more ...

Asia Pacific CRE: Market Trends Update

The CRE markets in Australasia, India, and Singapore are dynamic and strong, as companies big and small – national and international – are relocating and/or expanding their offices to accommodate rising demand and economic benefits. Our partners in these countries, CityInfo Services and Franklin Shanks, break down below some of the most recent trends and insights. What word ...

Flexible Leasing Strategies of Tenants – Latest Trends

As a barometer of economic development, the office market always reflects the development of various industries. As an important component of the office market, corporate tenants raise new office requirements which will meet the latest development of their respective industry needs. Both are constantly evolving, interacting, and promoting the continuous evolution and development of the ...