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History of the Office

Prior to the pandemic for most of us the office was where we spent the majority of our time. Yet, to many the history of the office space is a mystery.  The office has a very long and varied history and it can tell us how the workforce and businesses evolved to stay competitive. Below ...

Cyber Risk in the CRE Industry

Technology has brought a number of improvements to the CRE industry. Among many other benefits, technology has allowed companies in the industry to upgrade their data analytics software, lead management systems and offer a better service to their clients through innovations, such as virtual tours and quick access to market data. Likewise, commercial buildings, such ...

Audit of Service Charges

There are many service charges that come with leasing a property, many of which are not explicitly explained to the tenant. Sometimes these charges are hidden, or wrongly included within other items in the tenant’s invoice. That’s where a tenant advisor comes in, they help tenants complete an audit of service charges and verify that ...

Exis Global Summit 2022

At the beginning of October we held our first in-person Global Summit in over two years. The Summit exemplified the global nature of our partnership, as we welcomed representatives of partner firms from around the world, including Australia, Canada, Sweden, UK and the US. External speakers We had the opportunity to hear from an incredible ...

5 Inspirational Green Initiatives from around the World

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic, and companies, cities and individuals around the world are looking into how to make eco-friendly initiatives part of our daily life. Below we take a look at 5 sustainability initiatives from around the world we found inspiring.   1. Zéphyr Solar Zephyr are solar powered balloons created to facilitate ...

How to Build and Manage a Corporate Green Team

A great strategy for embedding sustainability into your business is to build a Green Team. The team will lead the charge in creating a green culture within your company, they’ll be an organized and focused committee that will be able to take ownership of green initiatives and put them into action.  It’s not only a ...

Tackling Sustainability Challenges with Urban Green Projects

The UN states that more than half of the global population will live in cities by the end of 2050. As urban centers become more populous their environmental issues become more urgent; city planners will have to rethink the environmental impact of use of space, public transport and systems that make cities function.  Cities around ...

Why aren’t companies cutting back on office space? 

The world is emerging from a pandemic, which created shifts to hybrid work models, where employees are cutting back on time spent in the office by 30% or more.  You could assume that this means organizations are cutting back on the amount of space they use, as well as a dip in general demand for ...
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