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Why aren’t companies cutting back on office space? 

The world is emerging from a pandemic, which created shifts to hybrid work models, where employees are cutting back on time spent in the office by 30% or more.  You could assume that this means organizations are cutting back on the amount of space they use, as well as a dip in general demand for ...

How Covid-19 accelerated adoption of technology in Commercial Real Estate (CRE)

The CRE industry was deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting shifts in workplace models. First, the reduction in the ability to hold in-person meetings or show properties in person has forced companies to look into virtual tours and drone videos. Once the pandemic has settled a lot of companies, including big multinationals such ...

Creating value and purpose at work post-pandemic

Employers have a lot of concern right now about the Great Resignation and how it is affecting their business. Unfortunately many articles do not discuss the way people are rethinking their relationship to work. As people develop a new sense of awareness about their relationship to work, they are demanding more purpose and personal value ...

Future of the office – the human-centric approach

Many organizations are asking: what does the future of the office look like? How do we keep employees happy and productive in the new hybrid work models? The Gallup paper ‘State of the Global Workplace 2022 Report’ shed some light on these questions from the worker’s perspective.  Report findings  The challenges presented by post-pandemic hybrid ...

The Tenant Agency Assist Burns Engineering with Office Relocation in Washington DC

In a shared project referred by our Philadelphia partner, Tactix, The Tenant Agency (TTA) led Burns Engineering through a strategic review of their office space in the Navy Yard, Washington DC.  Burns Engineering is a nationally respected provider of specialized engineering services, bringing highly-technical, sought-after engineering expertise to transportation and critical infrastructure projects. The engineering ...

Conflict of interest in dual representation – lawsuit filed against CBRE over a private school lease in Washington D.C.

A lawsuit filed by affiliates of 601W Cos, centers around a 600K SF sublease for private school Whittle School & Studios at 400 Wisconsin Ave. NW in Washington D.C.  The issue, claims the Managing Director Principle of 601W, Mark Karascik, is that CBRE represented both parties and “wore too many hats in the same transaction”, ...

Exis partners, Austin Office Space and CBIZ Gibraltar, collaborate to offer tenant representation services to EOS of North America

Austin Office Space, Inc. of Austin and CBIZ Gibraltar Real Estate Services, LLC of Chicago, both Exis partners, collaborated to provide tenant representation services to EOS of North America in Austin. EOS, which has a significant presence in the Austin area, provides responsible manufacturing solutions via industrial 3D printing technology to manufacturers around the world ...

Empowering Young Professionals in Commercial Real Estate – How to be an Effective Mentor.

Over the past few weeks we spoke to some of our partners and young professionals that work with them about how to empower those new to the industry to achieve their career goals. The one thing that comes up time and time again is the importance of mentorship.  We explore why mentorship is important, the ...
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