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Why Landlords Want to Pay Commissions

Every now and then, someone who hasn’t worked with us previously will ask: But, if my landlord doesn’t have to pay a broker, won’t he give me a better deal? Let’s just make believe for a moment that landlords don’t pay other entities (both in-house and third party) more when a tenant representative is not ...

What To Do When You Get a Notice From Your Landlord

During the lease term, landlords will send seemingly benign notices to tenants, often through their property managers. Much like with the operating expense and tax reconciliation statements that we discussed previously, these notices require professional scrutiny. Just as many tenants don’t realize the hidden costs (in addition to the rent) associated with their leases, landlord ...

The True Cost of Free

Something happens to us when we are offered something for free: our brains shut down. Free is irresistibly seductive. It is a source of irrational excitement. Witness people who grab coupons offering a free trinket that they have no need for. And people who return to the buffet line for more “free” food even though ...

How to Find the Best Locations for Your Company Using a Proven Site Selection Process

The site selection process has become far more technical than in the past, and this creates new challenges for companies trying to navigate the globe. As a result, finding the optimal location has become extremely challenging for companies expanding their headquarters, manufacturing plants, shared service centers, call centers, distribution centers, data centers and retail sites ...

Getting the Most Out of Your Tenant Improvement Dollars

Your lease has been signed, you have a Tenant Improvement Allowance from the landlord and the landlord is building out your new space. Nothing left to worry about right? Well, maybe there is. Before you turn over your construction project to your landlord, there are several things you should address in your lease to ensure ...

Owning vs. Leasing: Which Is Best for Your Company?

Frequently, we are asked by our clients whether it is more beneficial to lease or own their real estate. It is a great question and one that companies should be asking themselves and their advisors, particularly if the new international accounting standards are implemented and leases become “on balance sheet” transactions. The answer, however, is ...

How to Change Your Office Space Without Losing Your Mind (and Your Employees)

For the first time in more than a generation, businesses are contemplating and, in many cases, implementing, dramatic changes in their office design and space utilization. In some instances, these changes were instigated by permanent paradigm shifts in their business as a result of the Great Recession of 2008. For others, the changes reflect a ...

Negotiating Leverage is Dictated by Alternatives: Yours and Theirs

You are in the jungle and are suddenly bitten by a poisonous snake. You will not survive unless you receive an antidote within one hour. You panic until you are assured that a local businessman, Joe, has the antidote. When you ask Joe for help he asks you how much you are willing to pay ...


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