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What Is Employee Engagement and Why Should I Care?

Don’t employees come to work for a paycheck? Don’t they simply do what they’re told and get the job done? Why do I have to worry about how much they like working? A job is a job. Why should we care if employees are “engaged”? Isn’t employee engagement just another business catch phrase in a ...

Exis Global Expands Tenant Representation Platform into Houston, Texas With New Member Fritsche Anderson Realty Partners

Exis Inc., a global tenant representation corporation servicing thousands of clients worldwide, is expanding its market presence into the Houston, Texas market with the addition of new member Fritsche Anderson Realty Partners, a leading Houston-based commercial real estate services firm specializing in the representation of office and industrial tenants. As a member-owned organization exclusively focused ...

What a Beer Run Means to the Future of Real Estate

Early in the morning of Oct. 25th, a truck pulled out of the Anheuser-Busch facility in Loveland, Colorado with 2,000 cases of Budweiser. Nothing seemed unusual, but this trip was anything but routine. This trip was Uber’s first real traffic test of a fully self-driving truck. The truck would make its 120-mile journey through Denver ...

The Most Tax-Friendly States for Corporate Expansion

Tax conditions play a critical role in the site selection process for companies seeking a business-friendly tax climate for their operations. For 20 years in the site selection industry I have seen many companies eliminate states during the early-stage site selection process due to business climate factors such as corporate tax, income tax, property tax, ...

Why Companies Should Hire a Tenant Representation Broker When Negotiating with Landlords

If you need to address upcoming corporate real estate needs, it is critical that you consider hiring a tenant representation broker — someone who will be on your side of the table representing your best interests because you can rest assured that the landlord will have representation. Picking a real estate brokerage firm that isn’t ...

Lease or Purchase?

A space planning exercise can help determine if you are using your space efficiently. Do sales reps that spend most of the time on the road have their own workstations? If the reps only spend a few days a month in the office, you may want to consider having them share a workstation. Shared workstations ...

When is a Deal a Deal?

As the office market tightens and landlords’ bargaining leverage increases, tenants need to make sure they understand when they have a deal and when they don’t. When the market was weaker and competition for space was not as great, it was usually safe to assume that when the parties verbally agreed to terms, executed a ...

Top 4 Reasons to Use a Tenant Advisor

You have been in a space for a number of years.  You and your employees are happy with the location and could probably make the drive with your eyes closed.  You know your lease expiration is quickly approaching and you plan on extending the lease.  Although resigning the lease may seem like an easy decision; you ...
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