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International Women’s Day Spotlight : Shelley Gill

Shelley is the co-founder of Hazelbrook Advisors, a firm that provides conflict-free representation of tenants, investors, and users of real estate in Seattle. With over three decades of insightful leadership and expertise in commercial real estate, Shelley is passionate about delivering measurable value for her clients. Shelley started her career as a financial analyst for ...

International Women’s Day Spotlight: Jaimee Keene

Meet the accomplished commercial real estate professional who is breaking barriers and making strides in the industry: Jaimee Keene, Vice-President & Commercial Real Estate Broker at Benchmark Commercial. With over 20 years of experience in commercial real estate, she has become a trusted advisor to investors, owners, and developers in the field. Jaimee specializes in ...

International Women’s Day Spotlight: Kate Arthur

Meet Kate Arthur, a professional who has 17 years of experience in the Real Estate industry. Currently Kate works with Franklin Shanks, having recently made a move from residential to commercial real estate. “After completely burning out in residential real-estate I changed industries returning to my hospitality roots, that role came to a screeching halt ...

The growth of PropTech and its impact on the commercial real estate industry

What is proptech?  PropTech, otherwise known as property technology, is the application of technology to the real estate industry. This technology is also often referred to as CRE Tech, Real Estate Tech or Real Tech.  These technologies are designed to improve the efficiency of commercial real estate operations, such as customer service, deal sourcing, property ...

Growth of technology companies in city centers and their impact on commercial real estate

While traditionally city centers have been occupied by finance, insurance or publishing companies, in recent years and in markets across the globe we have seen an overall shift to technology companies such as e-commerce, digital start-ups and high-tech setting up in those spaces.  In this blog below we look at some reasons why tech companies ...

Plant-based meat alternatives – an opportunity for commercial real estate?

As people are becoming more focused on sustainability and the impact their lifestyle has on the planet, new forms of plant-based meat options are arriving on the market, and they’re gaining popularity as people look for ethical and cruelty-free products similar to those they’re accustomed to eating.  Growth of plant-based meat and dairy alternatives  Plant-based ...

Open Office vs Closed Office Space – What are the Pros and Cons?

When deciding what type of office space works best for your organization, you are most often deciding between an open office vs closed office space – which is better for your team? Ultimately this will depend on the needs of your company and role of the employees. Open plan spaces can more easily lend themselves ...

Strategies to Build Better Professional Connections

The ability to build professional relationships is at the basis of success – they can translate into new business opportunities, references, more engaged clients and happier employees.  Building professional relationships and staying connected with your network takes time and work. Here are a few tips on how to build better professional relationships, remotely and in-person.  ...
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