McCall & Almy Introduces an Olympic Tradition to Clients

February 2019

Think outside of the box and give your clients a new experience.  Take a break from the traditional cocktail party or golf outing and switch it up for your next event.  For McCall & Almy, we can’t go golfing in Boston in the month of January, so what else is there to do?

We found a way to bring people together, be active, and embrace the New England winter by hosting a night of Curling.

To start, coaches walked the group through the basic skills, technique, history, and rules of the game.  We then split into teams to play a few matches – there is nothing like a healthy dose of competition!  The event was large enough to host current and prospective clients yet intimate enough to enjoy the company of your small team.  Following the matches, we enjoyed “Broomstacking” – a time-honored curling tradition where the opposing teams gather and share a drink.

Part of M&A’s curling event success was its uniqueness.  For most of the attendees, it was their first-time curling, so it was new and exciting.   We were very happy with the turnout of our event and ecstatic that our guests enjoyed themselves.  We are looking forward to continuing our curling tradition at The Country Club in Chestnut Hill, MA.

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