Exis Leadership

Leaders in Tenant Representation

The Exis organization is led by a team of professionals from all corners of the world, who are bound by a shared commitment to providing conflict-free representation to tenants and end users of commercial space. Our board members are leaders in the industry who have built their own companies from the ground up. Learn more about the driving force behind Exis by clicking on the profiles below.


Olivier van Gool

Olivier van Gool

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Board Members

gonzalo checa

Gonzalo Checa

Madrid, Spain

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daniel coltof

Daniel Coltof

Brussels, Belgium

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matt d’orsay

Matt D’Orsay

Toronto, ON Canada

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kim ford

Kim Ford

Pittsburgh, PA USA

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mike franklin

Mike Franklin

Sydney, Australia

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steven joseph

Steven Joseph

Chicago, IL USA

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bert rosenblatt

Bert Rosenblatt

New York, NY USA

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neeraj shetty

Neeraj Shetty


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king r. white

King R. White

Dallas, TX USA

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lee williamson

Lee Williamson

London, United Kingdom

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