Hybrid work is the norm for many organizations across the globe. Offices need to be flexible, easily accessible and productive in order to meet their changing roles in the life of employees and the organization. 

A hybrid environment comes with challenges of maintaining productivity and a collaborative environment, where good communication is practiced between both sides of the company – those working at home, and those at the office. 

How to find a suitable meeting room


In a hybrid environment it is very likely that some of the meeting’s participants will be tuning in remotely, or virtually. It is important in that situation to have a meeting room with projectors, quality cameras, an audio system, and a screen. 


Consider rooms that allow you to change their layout. A room that is fitted to the number of participants, can make the room feel more pleasant, and bigger spacing between chairs can help those who still prefer to social distance feel more comfortable. 

Flexibility with moving furniture and cameras can also help those tuning in remotely feel more involved in the meeting, if they can see all the participants without obstructions, such as awkwardly placed sofas, cabinets or decor. 


Good sound that doesn’t carry beyond the meeting room is important to help participants keep focus and also those that tune in remotely to hear and be heard fully, without disrupting those working in the office who aren’t attending the meeting.  

Room booking software 

It is also essential that all employees have access to the room and will not be interrupted by another group trying to access the room! A room booking software is a great answer to ensure you have the correct space for your hybrid meeting. 

Such systems allow users to book rooms, manage schedules and check for available amenities – such as AV technology, or Accessibility features. This ensures that you have the correct set-up for a productive meeting with colleagues joining in virtually, without the worry of being able to connect. 

Meeting room booking software can also be used to monitor how  rooms are being used and when. This will help facility or office managers, make informed decisions about the use of space, hybrid working schedules and more.