Philadelphia was full of the best tenant representation brokers in North America May 16-17 during the Exis Global Tenant Representation North America Conference. As one of the few remaining global tenant representation platforms remaining, the event provided the opportunity to bring together top leaders across the United States and Canada to discuss the latest corporate real estate trends and share best practices.

“The Exis North America Conference was a huge success. The level of engagement by our leadership exemplifies how the organization has been able to expand its platform and membership to deliver a unique value proposition to corporations seeking a partner who lack any conflict of interest,” said King R. White, Co-Chairman of Exis Global and CEO, Site Selection Group.

A pre-conference reception was held at the new headquarters of Tactix Real Estate Advisors, the dominant tenant representation firm in Philadelphia. Their newly constructed office exemplified the future of office space design standards and proved to be an incredibly collaborative environment for networking.

The Exis member firms in attendance included some to the largest remaining independent tenant representation firms left in North America. In attendance were over 50 leaders from Tactix, The Ezra Company, McCall & Almy, Site Selection Group, CBIZ Gibraltar Real Estate Services, Coughlin Commercial, Ellington Tenant and Facilities Services, Found Advisors, Fritsche Anderson Realty Partners, Keyser, TaTonka Real Estate Advisors and Wildmor Realty, Inc.

The highly engaged audience planned for Exis’s global expansion across North America, Asia and Europe. In addition, best practices in marketing strategies were shared amongst the members to help each firm increase market penetration and deliver the highest quality consistent services to clients across the globe.

An upcoming Exis European Conference in Paris June 19th-20th will follow a similar agenda and bring together the Exis European partners from Parella, Business Space, Solved, Spring4 and Cresnia. The Exis Global Summit, where Exis firms from around the world convene, takes place in Seattle, Washington from November 6th-9th.