Category: tenant representation

Get to Know… Cresnia

Cresnia is a boutique tenant rep firm that focuses on city-center, high-profile tenants in the Stockholm, Sweden area.

Exis Expands in Southern California

Companies who are looking for space in southern California now have a “Tenant Guardian” to ensure they are protected and valued during increasingly complex real estate transactions; Exis Global, Inc., is excited to welcome Tenant Guardian to our growing platform of best-in-class tenant representation firms.

Get to Know… CBIZ Gibraltar

We believe that the non-exclusive model actually works against tenants’ interests. Firms representing both landlords and tenants are often times compelled to do what is best for the bigger client, typically the landlord. Conflict-free tenant representation ensures that our clients receive impartial, expert advice on every detail in every transaction. All potential for any “conflict of interest” that may arise is eliminated and the main focus remains on the client’s bottom-line.