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Is There a Generational Divide When it Comes to Return to the Office?

November 28, 2022

Work from home (WHF) is not a new concept, nor just a response to the pandemic. The WFH  trend began gaining momentum a few years before the pandemic hit. Many companies were offering work-from-home days, as benefits to employees, who saw it as an opportunity to improve their work-life balance and reduce their commute time. ...

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Cyber Risk in the CRE Industry

November 2, 2022

Technology has brought a number of improvements to the CRE industry. Among many other benefits, technology has allowed companies in the industry to upgrade their data analytics software, lead management systems and offer a better service to their clients through innovations, such as virtual tours and quick access to market data. Likewise, commercial buildings, such...

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History of the Office

November 15, 2022

Prior to the pandemic for most of us the office was where we spent the majority of our time. Yet, to many the history of the office space is a mystery.  The office has a very long and varied history and it can tell us how the workforce and businesses evolved to stay competitive. Below...

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Audit of Service Charges

October 28, 2022

There are many service charges that come with leasing a property, many of which are not explicitly explained to the tenant. Sometimes these charges are hidden, or wrongly included within other items in the tenant’s invoice. That’s where a tenant advisor comes in, they help tenants complete an audit of service charges and verify that...

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