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Get to Know… Austin Office Space

July 16, 2019

"One of our oldest clients went on and on about how responsive we were in the beginning of our first transaction with them. That hustle made a big impression on the client, and in turn, that client’s acknowledgment made a big impression on us about what customer service should look like. In the beginning, hustle was the best thing we had to offer, and now that we are seasoned pros, it still matters just as much as it did on day one."

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Get to Know… Ellington Real Estate

May 29, 2019

Ellington Real Estate joined Exis in 2016 to partner with global firms who are like-minded in service and excellence, and who strive for pure tenant advocacy.

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The Organic Organization

July 2, 2019

Companies move like an organism on a daily basis: grow, shrink, move, share, and so on. But how do you facilitate this in an office building that usually requires a long-term lease obligation? Think about changes within your organization, market conditions and the way in which your employees will perform their work in the future.

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Midtown Atlanta Booms…West Midtown is as Hot as it Gets

May 13, 2019

As the West Midtown boom builds, businesses are flocking to the district to capitalize on the consumer draw and the fresh workforce moving in. Read on to learn about each of these developments and how businesses can benefit from their renewed energy.

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