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Would You Bet Against Jamie Dimon?

September 30, 2021

We are social creatures. While Mr. Dimon may be right about coming back to the office, I think the motivation will come more from human nature and the need to out-work the competition than a mandate.

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Get to Know… Montreal Office Space

March 18, 2021

Landmark Advisory Services was founded in 2013 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. However, Landmark’s heritage of representing commercial tenants goes back more than 30 years. We were rolled out of a property management firm that was representing private and institutional landlords while also representing tenants through an advisory division. As each business grew, they needed to be separated and so we were created in 2013 and subsequently the landlord management firm was sold to Colliers International.

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How To Navigate The Sublease Market

September 1, 2021

In 2021 increased remote work has led to an increase in sublease space on the market. This has created tremendous leverage for tenants during negotiations and, for the foreseeable future, creates a very challenging dynamic for landlords. 

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