Many times, corporate real estate service providers are declared the “top firms” in their areas based solely on their size – whether it be number of employees/brokers, square footage leased, and/or transaction volume. While we won’t deny that some of these firms offer quality services, at Exis we measure “top” a bit differently – by the value our members – all top tenant representation firms – provide to tenants, and the bottom line results delivered to tenants without any conflicts of interest.

Exis member firms are independent tenant representation firms who are best-in-class in their fields and locale. Some are large and some are small, but our members have demonstrated time and time again why size doesn’t matter when it comes to service without any conflicts of interest.

Looking at a “view from the top”, here are five reasons why choosing the Exis platform may just be the way to go when it comes to your real estate needs:

1. Senior Level Tenant Representation Specialist – When you work with an Exis member firm, you’re working with senior level talent exclusively focused on tenant representation throughout the entire process – from strategy creation, to needs assessment, to market research, to lease negotiations, and through your future renewals. You won’t be vetted through a junior account manager, and rarely will an assistant call you back. This means your business benefits from a level of expertise that is typically out of reach at larger, publicly owned firms.

2. Streamlined Tenant Representation Process – Exis member firms customize your experience from beginning to end from a tenant representation perspective. In many cases, larger firms require standard procedures, policies, and chain of command that not only can delay action, but also can create challenges to quality due to their internal political issues. With Exis members, however, each tenant relationship is personalized to reflect your company’s needs. Our members know your name and have the freedom to craft a process that is tailored and unique so you can be sure you’re heard and the outcomes will be reached with the utmost care and service.

3. Tenant Satisfaction – Exis members’ success depends on your satisfaction – including money saved and long-term objectives reached. With larger, “big box” commercial real estate firms, minor botches or mediocre work to check off boxes on a to-do list may not put their business behind in the long run. However, our members thrive on the reputation they’ve built within their communities. Every tenant counts. Period.

4. Local Market Knowledge – Exis members know their markets inside and out. The founders may have grown up there, and they’ve invested their own resources and sweat equity into the local economy’s success. They have historical knowledge, cultural knowledge, and local relationships that they put to use to ensure your company succeeds.

5. Global Reach – Exis is a global platform with best-in-class tenant representation firms around the world. When your business has a requirement across the world, we already have a trusted tenant representation partner in that area who has met [and exceeded] our high standards of service and excellence, and we know their leadership as well as we know our own team. With our carefully thought out workflow and collaboration process, we make sure that your experience with each of our member firms is seamless, top-quality, and optimized for your company’s success.

For these reasons and more, clients who have worked with our Exis partners have said things like:

“We have some thirty sites in our portfolio […] The proposal from Business Space was the first time in my career that my interests were fully defended and I can tell you that the results amazed me, clearly better than what I could have expected.”

“After an extensive and exhausting six months search for a location that would meet our specific criteria, we came across Kim and her team [Found Advisors]. Literally, within hours, they had a location for us that did indeed meet our needs. They know the market, and we are the beneficiaries!”

“Jonathan is a great business partner and adept at crafting deal structures to meet immediate and future needs – a real joy to work alongside. Jonathan and his team [Keyser] provided the highest level of professional service. We always felt we were their #1 priority.”

“I often hold Tactix out as an example to consultants we use in other areas as a company who really ‘gets into the shoes and socks’ of their customers. They have the same sense of urgency about the project as we do, concern about the same issues, and are a vigorous and effective advocate on our behalf. It is the combination of their knowledge of the marketplace, skilled negotiation techniques, and credibility within the real estate community that makes them so effective.”

Site Selection Group has been instrumental in helping Mood Media and two other companies I have been the CEO of, strategically manage the firm’s global real estate portfolio and create solutions for enhanced effectiveness and efficiencies. Their clear focus on our business objectives has made them an invaluable Partner, and one we clearly count on and trust to help best direct our assets and resources.”

“I did not know what I was missing before McCall & Almy. Every broker says they do excellent client service, but these guys do it better. The way they approach real estate and business is different and their level of service is excellent.”

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