The Tenant Solution (TTS)

Company Profile

The Tenant Solution (TTS) is the largest tenant representation company in Spain with 20 full time employees. With offices in Madrid and Barcelona, TTS partners have widespread experience providing tenant representation services, having worked in Spain for nearly 20 years, and having, consequently, acquired a wide knowledge on the Spanish market.

A mixed team composed of professionals from both Real Estate and Architecture allows TTS to search and find the best solution for the needs required by the tenant. TTS is considered the most important tenant representation company in the Iberian Peninsula.

The TTS Board of Directors (Eusebio Caballero, Julio Iraola and Gonzalo Checa) are comprised of former AOS Studley Directors for Spain, providing TTS with leaders who have extensive experience with large tenants and transactions.


Barcelona, Spain

The Tenant Solution (TTS)

C / Escar, 26 (Marina Port Vell) - 08039 Barcelona (Spain)
Tel .: +34 918 305 492

Madrid, Spain

The Tenant Solution (TTS)

Av. Juan Carlos I
13. 28806 Alcalá de Henares
+34 918 305 492

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