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Imagine hiring a lawyer to defend you in a civil case only to discover he’s also representing the plaintiff. Sounds absurd? It’s not too different from the situation tenants often find themselves in when they’re looking to find new space or renegotiate their existing lease. Many of the companies charged with finding the best deals for tenants are also the same companies representing landlords. Sure, they may try to reassure their tenant clients that there’s no conflict of interest. But honestly, it’s hard to be objective when you represent both sides at the bargaining table.That’s how tenant-only representation was born. Some firms saw the need for true tenant advocacy, free from divided loyalties, and tenacious in pursuit of the best deals for tenants. Now some of the most respected of these firms from around the world have joined together to form a new company with a single-minded vision: To provide tenants and other end users of real estate with a passionate advocate at the negotiating table wherever their business operations take them.

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Meet the men and women behind Exis who are setting the standard for global tenant representation.

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Exis global members deliver innovative commercial real estate solutions to leading companies on every continent.

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