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Partner Trends Update: Sustainability in the Workplace

May 2, 2018

One client we recently worked with was extremely dedicated to sustainability. The ideas and solutions we provided aren’t unique in their method to addressing sustainability; however, the strategies that they implemented are ones we continually provide to our clients during the design phase of their build outs.

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The Best and Worst States for Business Tax Climate

April 10, 2018

Corporate tax issues have been the center stage this year as President Trump has implemented sweeping federal tax reform in the United States. Despite these federal changes, it remains critical to evaluate state tax conditions during the site selection process to identify a tax-friendly location for your company.

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Tenant Advocacy Beyond the Office

April 17, 2018

Every day at Tactix they do one thing and one thing only: fight to protect the interests of tenants in the tri-state area and make sure they get the best terms possible. Now, through the Tenant Advocacy Project, they’ll be able to extend those same tenant advocacy and protections to Philadelphia's most vulnerable families in the residential context.

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact the Office Market

April 5, 2018

The fact is, Artificial Intelligence is... probably a generation away from replacing many of today’s jobs and professions. This raises a very interesting (and frightening) question for real estate owners: What happens to our office buildings when the white-collar workforce starts to disappear?

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